Club Penguin Chat

Welcome to the CP Items Chat. Here you can chat with other users on the website, as well as other players from Disney’s massive online multiplayer kid’s game, Club Penguin.

Chat Rules IRC Info
  1. Do not use inappropriate language.
  2. Do not be mean to or harass others.
  3. Do not discuss or post adult material.
  4. Do not spam, flood, or advertise.
  5. Do not bring bots into the channel.
  6. Do not ask to be an operator.
  7. Do not “backseat moderate”. Report and ignore.
  8. Do not use languages other than English.
  9. Do not use colors that are difficult to read.
  10. Do not impersonate others, including CP staff and mascots.
  11. Do not ask for or post anyone’s personal information or pictures.

If someone is bothering you, right click their name and choose the option ‘Ignore’ or type the command: /IGNORE nickname

6667 (6697 with SSL)