Automatic Item Update Glitch Fixed

Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 in Site Development | 8 comments

Hey everyone,

In my last post I released the latest upgrade to Club Penguin Items: the Automatic Item Updater and Notification System. Unfortunately, however, I later found out that there were still glitches in the updater and that is why no automatic notifications have been posted. I am pleased to announce that the glitches have since been fixed and notifications should start soon.

In addition to fixing the errors in the updater, I was also able to fix slight issues that existed in the current Club Penguin Clothing Item List that had to do with items being listed even though they don’t really exist. Hopefully there should be less if not more of those non-real items showing up, however if you happen to come across some in your item searching, be sure to leave a comment so I can fix it.

Thanks for your help and support. :)


  1. Hi there! How do you use these item codes and apply them in order for them to actually work on club penguin?

    • Most of these items IDs will not work for obtaining items in Club Penguin because they are what is known as “patched”. For the most part, only the IDs for items that are currently available in Club Penguin will work, however to actually use them you would need a third party program.

      On the other hand, in Club Penguin private servers, most items are not patched. Therefore, you can use these IDs to obtain any item you want. The method of using the IDs to obtain items on private servers varies, so you would have to find out how to do it from those on the private server.

  2. as I can have any of the items with programs is that the blizzard that had cp does not work ya some other thing I can recommend?

    • It’s for all cpps.. not just

  3. Umm Mike When you go to the furniture database everything is all messed up I asked for a Archers Window and I got a puffle banner. Please fix

    • Thank you for pointing this out to me. I’ve fixed this issue and now all furniture items are properly aligned with their respective IDs and information.

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