Automatic Item Update Notifications

Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in Site Development | 3 comments

Hey everyone,

I’ve added an awesome new feature that makes it so there will be a new blog post whenever new Club Penguin items are released. The post will include a list of the new item names, images, IDs, and more. This revolutionary feature will allow you to easily stay up to date with the latest items in Club Penguin.

Additionally, our Twitter will also update automatically and will include a brief description of the latest Club Penguin items as well as a link to the more detailed blog post. By subscribing to our Twitter, you can be the first to know of the latest and greatest items in Club Penguin, so be sure to follow us!

Eventually this feature will also be included for the other parts of Club Penguin such as igloos and music, so be sure to keep visiting! :)


  1. Some floor furniture items are missing. Can you please fix that?


  2. cpitems es lo mejor

  3. how do I enter igloo codes?? like on cpEmulator what do I say??

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