Automatic Item Update Glitch Fixed

Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 in Site Development | 8 comments

Hey everyone, In my last post I released the latest upgrade to Club Penguin Items: the Automatic Item Updater and Notification System. Unfortunately, however, I later found out that there were still glitches in the updater and that is why no automatic notifications have been posted. I am pleased to announce that the glitches have since been fixed and notifications should start soon. In addition to fixing the errors in the updater, I was also able to fix slight issues that...

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Automatic Item Update Notifications

Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in Site Development | 3 comments

Hey everyone, I’ve added an awesome new feature that makes it so there will be a new blog post whenever new Club Penguin items are released. The post will include a list of the new item names, images, IDs, and more. This revolutionary feature will allow you to easily stay up to date with the latest items in Club Penguin. Additionally, our Twitter will also update automatically and will include a brief description of the latest Club Penguin items as well as a link to...

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Item Database and Furniture Database Fixed

Posted by on Jan 8, 2012 in Site Development | 1 comment

Hey everyone, It’s been a long time since my last post, and I would like to apologize for that. I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had a lot of time to work on Club Penguin Items, however I now have a bit more time on my hands and so I’ve started working on the site again. Unfortunately while I was gone the Club Penguin Item database and Club Penguin Furniture database stopped updating themselves. I have since fixed this issue and now the two...

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Posted by on Jul 23, 2011 in Site Development | 41 comments

Hey everyone, As you have probably already noticed, CP Items looks a lot different than it previously did. I’ve made a lot of changes that I think you all will enjoy. First we have the new theme which overall is just designed much better than the old one. Another big addition is the Stamp ID List I’ve added. This, just like all the other databases, has all the information on each stamp in Club Penguin. One issue I’ve also fixed is the outdated item id...

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We're not quite dead yet!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Site Development | 1 comment

Hey everyone, It has been a while since our last post, and we would like to apologize for that. CPItems started almost a year ago as a website where users could easily find information pertaining to various things in Club Penguin. Since the website’s initial startup, not much has changed, however we plan on fixing that. As many of you have probably noticed, there has been a bit of downtime on our part, and again, we’re sorry. Just today we updated our server, so...

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