New Club Penguin Items: The Sumo and Sumo Belt

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Club Penguin Clothing Items | 10 comments

Two new Club Penguin clothing items were released recently. Here they are:

Image ID Name Type Cost Member
11403 The Sumo Head Free No

Image ID Name Type Cost Member
14609 Sumo Belt Body Free No


  1. these items are not available?

    • The item database sometimes picks up items that are not yet available in Club Penguin. It’s likely that these items will be available sometime in the future, and judging by their images, they will be obtained through the treasure book.

  2. They should make money buy the toys not membership (Clubpenguin)

  3. soy la mejor tontainas.o y gracias por los codes jaja.tontos

  4. hooooooooooooooo yo quiero un harticulo de club penguin

  5. What are the codes of the articles ?

  6. ¿como se ponen los numeros?

  7. hey guys i think u should bring up more and nice items please

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