Rockhopper Tropical Outfit Released

Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Club Penguin Items | 20 comments

Club Penguin has given Rockhopper a new look for the Club Penguin Temple of Fruit Island Adventure Party. Here’s the item information on his new tropical look.

Image ID Name Type Cost Member
1476 Rockhopper Tropical Outfit Head Free Yes

This item cannot be obtained on Club Penguin and there is a risk of being banned if you try to hack it.

If Club Penguin Private Server owners add this item to their game, you can get it there.

If you want to find Rockhopper in Club Penguin, check out the Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker.


  1. I like this, my penguin bought this and he was banned 72 hour xD

    • Haha. You should be careful when adding items. Mascot items are usually counted as bait items and will get you banned.

    • :O

    • how can you buy this and you hacked it as i want to know hacking this bans you for 72 hours xD

  2. it good for?

    • What do you mean?

      • mira te voy a escribir en español porque es mi idioma traducilo pero lo que te digo es para que sirve eso

  3. Thanks! I unlock in CPPS! Thaaaaanks very much 😛

  4. Because when I put the code locks the computer?

    • What?

  5. mike I put the code in cpcheatscp and says undefined and tells me I should do?

    • The owners of that Private Server probably haven’t added it to their database. I don’t think it will work until they add it.

  6. WHAT THE?! how do u buy the item on cp i would like to try tht

    • As I stated in the post, you cannot get this item in Club Penguin. Any attempt at cheating to get it will likely result in an automatic 72 hour ban as well.

  7. will you be adding more ids

    • Adding more IDs to what?

      • i mean like are more stuff gonna come on this page till now rockhoppers tropical outfit i am realy in need of some feet items please make some

        • I do not make the items, Club Penguin does. This site reports on any items Club Penguin adds to the game. To my knowledge there won’t be many more items until the next clothing catalog.

          If you’re looking for feet items, check out the Club Penguin Item IDs page and search for feet items only.

  8. Cool! how can i hack this?

  9. i mean like more stuff

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