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Hey everyone,

As you have probably already noticed, CP Items looks a lot different than it previously did. I’ve made a lot of changes that I think you all will enjoy.

First we have the new theme which overall is just designed much better than the old one.

Another big addition is the Stamp ID List I’ve added. This, just like all the other databases, has all the information on each stamp in Club Penguin.

One issue I’ve also fixed is the outdated item id lists. I have re-written the code that collects information on all the items, so you can now expect updates daily. And speaking of updates, all the news and information regarding both this website, and Club Penguin items and their IDs will be tweeted at our new Twitter. Here is the link to follow us:

There is a lot more planned so be sure to keep visiting and to follow our Twitter! Also, if you have any suggestions or notice any errors, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. I can help them write more information ids of the objects most wanted club penguin

    • I’m not really sure what you mean by this. The information we currently list is generated automatically.

      Someday we might make the database more informative, however that won’t be for a while. I will say, though, that we do plan on adding something that will have to do with, “most wanted [items].” :)

  2. Your message…

    • My reply…

  3. Can u add the commands list D: please thank you!

    • Different private servers have different commands unfortunately. Maybe soon I will make a list of item related commands for popular private servers though.

  4. Some of the IDs won’t work. >_<
    I type them in and press enter, and it will say "unidentified has been added to inventory". When will you fix this ? Dx

    • Can you give me an example of some of the items that do this? It likely means that these are incomplete/bait items.

      Soon we will have a separate database for these types of items.

      • The items are basically different versions of old items. Remember the pink/blue/black Twee Dress? There is a dress like that but with different colors. The ” Technicolor Fairy Dress”.Those are one of the codes that won’t work.. :[ .If you need it, the code is 4340.

        • That is one of the codes** Sorry. Lol. Some other items that won’t work are: The Ebony Wig, The Quicksilver, The Bubblegum, and The Shore Thing. Those are all wigs.

        • That is one of the codes** Sorry. Lol. Some other items that won’t work are: The Ebony , The Quicksilver, The Bubblegum, and The Shore Thing. Those are all wigs.

        • Oh, that makes sense then. Those items are bait items. They are put there by Club Penguin to lure and ban cheaters. Unfortunately it’s not possible to actually obtain them in Club Penguin, though it might be possible in some private servers.

          • Oh ok, I get it now . Thanks :) Do you know of some servers that might allow those codes ?

          • I’m not sure about the details of any private servers; sorry. This website might have the information you’re looking for, though: http://cppshq.com

  5. how can I add stams from ids to my penguin?

    • Some third party programs such as WPE Pro might allow you to add stamps on your penguin in Club Penguin, however I am not sure if Club Penguin has them patched or not.

      Certain Club Penguin private servers will likely have a command to add stamps, just as there are commands to add clothing and furniture.

  6. Very nice updates. :)

  7. This is perfect!!!
    Thank you!!!

  8. Hi i dont know how to get these iteams on here can u please tell me cause im lost i click it but i cant get it plz tell me how to get these iteams

    • This website is mainly geared towards those who are playing on private Club Penguin servers. Private servers usually allow users to add any items they want to their penguin, and this website acts as a resource to find those items.

      Unfortunately on Club Penguin itself, items that are not available regularly are, “patched,” meaning they are made unavailable even through other methods.

      • Yep and i know an awesome CPPS (clubpenguin private server) it is: icpps.com/register/ icpps.com/play/

  9. Will you be making your own club penguin private server? You guys have done so well it makes me think you can actually make it! :)

    • I was an owner and developer of the original iCPv3, however that was shut down due to legal issues.

      • Are you thinking of making another one in the future?

        • I am not. Sorry.

  10. Heya,

    Thanks for this website, helped me with clothes on Loads of CPPS’

    Good day

    CPPS Player

    • You’re welcome. :)

  11. hey,I really like the updates but I think you should put room ids.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. I will take it into consideration. :)

  12. Hi Mike. I was wondering if I can possibly turn in as a blogger, editor, or administrator of CPItems.com, I love to blog and edit. I think CPItems should have a chat too, instead of viewers just throwing some questions, concerns, and ideas on comments. Theyc an get it to the CPItems team easier by IRC. 😀

    If you like my request, email me at [email removed]
    Talk to you soon,

    • Hi, Cyberwolf. Thanks for your offer to work on the website, however with the way the website is programmed, it doesn’t really call for any bloggers. The database is updated automatically, and soon there will be automatic posts too.

      I like your idea of a chat, and I’ve considered adding one in the past. Maybe I will add one eventually. :)

    • and yea i agree with a chat….. i usually go on xat so it would help a lot if they got a chat.

  13. did you make a cpps? because the new items that u put in they dont work for other cpps…….

  14. Hey i want to repor a error,lol i want to add the item 1267,but in CPV it says Undefined had added to your inventory

    is my favorite haiir,but i want it!!!It doesnt work D:

  15. um okay totally unrelated to items ids..
    But I cant access clubpenguinv website? well is it closing down?

    • Yes. Club Penguin closed it.

  16. I think you should add new item IDS from the new Club Penguin catalogs :/

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